Last week, Equifax announced its database had been hacked which compromised the personal information of 143 Million people (nearly half of the people in the US).  Unfortunately, the database was compromised from Mid-May to June, 2017.  Equifax learned of the breach on July 29, 2017 which means the information had already been exposed for 6 weeks.

 This breach was especially serious due to the amount of detail maintained by credit bureaus.  It included:  Names, SSNs, Birth Dates, Addresses, Driver’s License #s, Credit Card #s, Passwords, and the answers to Security Questions on accounts.  In the hands of an identity thief, this information can be used to cause problems ranging from Bogus Charges on Credit Cards to Legal Actions to Draining your Brokerage Account.  

 We are sending this update to make sure you are aware of this issue.  The best defense against an identity thief is to take proactive steps before a problem is discovered.  These steps can range from Changing Passwords to Placing a Credit Freeze on your Accounts to Monitoring Services.

 If you would like to discuss the available options, please contact us at 402-391-1065.


Ray Thomas joined Hancock & Dana in 2014.  He specializes in representing individual and business clients with IRS issues including Audits, Notices, Collection, Employment Tax, Appeals, and Offer-In-Compromise.  Ray joined Hancock & Dana after a 26-year career with the IRS as a Revenue Agent and manager.  This background provides a unique understanding of how to resolve and prevent issues with the IRS.