What We’re all about
Hancock & Dana is a certified public accounting and business consulting firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. We serve clients in a variety of industries all across the country.
We offer the following services:
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting & assurance
  • SOC examinations
  • Accounting software consulting
  • Estate and family office planning
  • Private foundation – consultation and administration
  • Property tax protest
  • Exit and succession planning
We listen closely to your needs and concerns, then respond in a timely manner. We make recommendations to help your financial well-being and peace of mind.
Our services are customized to meet your goals and include assisting you with identifying other professionals or services you may need. Insurance, banking, legal, and other specialized consultants are a few of the areas in which we can make recommendations.
At all staff levels, our firm has little turnover. This consistency benefits our clients who rely on our many years of experience and broad range of expertise to address and resolve challenges.
 Hancock & Dana is a member of Eide Bailly Alliance, an association of CPA firms. It is comprised of a select group of like-minded CPA firms from across the country. This partnership is designed to provide its member firms with access to specialized knowledge and experience. Through this network, our clients have access to the talents, skills and resources of more than 1,500 additional professionals.

“Our team of professionals at Hancock & Dana have proactively had our best interests at heart – both personally and professionally for over two decades. They are much more than “tax professionals”.

Randy & Carol Johnson, Ash Johnson Company


Our Philosophy

Hancock & Dana’s philosophy is centered on the belief that solutions should be built around the client’s goals.
To fulfill that mission, we have a high degree of partner involvement, which means that they are part of the process from beginning to end – not just when a problem arises. As a result, you benefit from the expert advice and experience our partners provide, ensuring the highest quality of service.
 Another unique aspect of our firm is our skills-based approach. Each project offers an opportunity to match our team of accounting professionals’ expertise with your industry or specialization. This is the reason why our clients can count on us for innovative solutions to their specific needs and challenges.
 Lastly, throughout any project, we offer seasoned, insightful advice and a unique viewpoint – often becoming members of our clients’ decision-making teams.



At Hancock & Dana, giving back to the Omaha community is an important part of our history and mission. We encourage our professionals to participate in volunteer and community activities.

Hancock & Dana is proud to support these organizations as clients or through personal involvement:
  • Community Health Charities of Nebraska
  • Durham Museum
  • Fireman and Police Appreciation Foundation
  • Omaha Community Foundation
  • Omaha Symphony Governing Board
  • Omaha Theater Company for Young People
  • Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • UNO Alumni Association


“We are fortunate to practice in Omaha and we believe it is our duty to give back to a community that has been so responsive to us.”

Leonard M. Sommer, Managing Shareholder, CPA



Hancock & Dana was founded on July 1, 1985 by John Hancock and Irv Dana, with a total commitment to providing client-centered solutions.
Throughout our history, our professionals have gained valuable expertise in the following industries: real estate and construction, financial services and banking, government, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, non-profit organizations and restaurants.

We serve a number of clients in niche industries as well, which has broadened our experience and range of services.