Exit & Succession Planning

These days, every business needs a plan to accommodate unexpected changes in ownership or business conditions. Forward-looking businesses create proactive strategies to ensure the continuity of their business. They are the ones who are prepared and can quickly and cost-effectively adapt to sudden challenges or opportunities without a disruption in business.
 The advisors at Hancock & Dana have extensive experience assisting clients in addressing the varied challenges business face every day while staying aware of necessary compliance with regulatory bodies. We want to know your future plans and goals to best help you analyze your current situation and enable you to pursue long-term strategies that are beneficial to your business and family.
 Business continuity and succession of ownership is essential. Coordinating that transition effectively ensures future success once you decide to remove yourself from the company’s day-to-day operations.
Hancock & Dana will work with you in:
  • Identifying your succession and exit planning goals
  • Understanding the financial feasibility of your plans
  • Protecting and preserving the value of your business
  • Evaluating and assisting with transfers of the business
  • Developing continuity strategies for protecting your business and family and preserving key employee relationships
  • Addressing your estate plan in light of your succession and exit strategies

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“Hancock & Dana’s professionals are proactive – they truly care and have made a significant difference in helping me accomplish my goals.”

Randy, Business Owner