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Submitting client information

Due to recent events, the 2019 tax filing deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020. Please consider this as a reminder. If you would like us to prepare your 2019 tax return, we will need the correct documentation provided to us sooner than later.

Submitting Client Documents
Dropping Off and Picking Up Documents
Consistent with the requirement of social distancing we have made arrangements for you to bring documents to the office and place them in a secure dropbox. Should you need to do so, the dropbox will be clearly marked inside our front entrance. If you need to pick up any documents, please contact us.  We will make arrangements to bring the documents out to your car once you have arrived at our office.
Document Sharing
As mentioned in a previous communication, you may provide documentation to our office in electronic format or via mail. Upon request, we can provide you with a secure link via email to facilitate uploading documents to us. A few guidelines when submitting client documentation:
  • Use a scanner to convert paper documents into an electronic image.
  • Send documents in PDF format.
  • Do not use a camera to generate images of documents.
  • Ensure the image quality is acceptable.  If you can easily read it, we probably can too.
  • Be sure to scan both sides of documents, if applicable.