Craft the Career You Want

Pursue a challenging, opportunity-filled career to realize maximum professional and personal growth.

Why work at Hancock Dana?
  1. Progressive management style: You’ll never hear something is “good enough” or “that’s how we’ve always done it” at Hancock Dana. From leadership to newcomers, we fight complacency and celebrate new ideas. We believe there’s always a better way of doing things and more knowledge to be taken in. We’re forward-thinkers, doers and champions for one another and our clients.
  2. Family-friendly environment: We’re a tight-knit team that works hard to support one another. We know each other’s kids, pets, and plenty of random facts. Our work is challenging and ever-changing, but our environment is welcoming and comfortable.
  3. Low turnover: We build an environment on trust, transparency and teamwork. By empowering our team members to go the extra mile and do all they can to help our clients, they’re also empowered to create the career of their dreams. Through mutual respect and a balance of work and play, we’re able to boast an incredibly low turnover rate.
  4. Skills-oriented Approach: Helping our team members identify their career goals and support their plan for making it happen is woven into the fabric of Hancock Dana. Just as we adapt to best serve our clients’ needs, we approach the careers of our team members the same way. We work together to create a path to success and give them the tools needed to make it their own.
  5. Diversity in type of work: From services to industry expertise, we take great pride in having depth and breadth in all we do. Similar to our skills-oriented approach, we invest time to learn and grow throughout our careers in order to give real, meaningful Advice that Counts.

Nurturing your interest in an accounting career is second nature to the team at Hancock Dana. We're constantly seeking knowledge and sharing our expertise with others.

We’re problem-solvers on a mission to help businesses and individuals worry less and prepare more for their future. If you’re interested in working with an energetic team of professionals, come talk with us.

Whether you have just a few years or a decade under your belt, we help identify your career goals, create a plan to reach them and offer support along the way.

Our team approach and forward-thinking attitude empowers our professionals in a myriad of ways. If you’re a lifelong learner who loves a challenge and a collaborative environment, then Hancock Dana may just be the place for you.

Others First, Always

Join a dedicated team of financial problem-solvers, always looking out for the best interests of our clients.

We expect our employees to constantly focus on what’s best for our clients and we support independent thinking, which enhances the quality of service we’re able to provide. In turn, our employees gain access to a range of resources that help them perform at the highest level – including the latest computer technology, research materials, and extensive training.

Hancock Dana is a socially responsible firm and encourages our staff to pursue volunteer opportunities and charitable causes they’re passionate about.