Address Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

Today, almost everyone owns some sort of digital asset – and some of these assets can be quite valuable. But if your estate plan doesn’t account for digital assets property, your heirs may not be able to access them. So, factoring these intangibles into your estate plan is essential. What Are Digital Assets? Financial transactions are

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H/D Madness Results!

Last month, our very own March Madness competition came to a close. The five weeks of games went as follows: Week 1 – Connect Four Week 2 – Jenga Week 3 – Sequence Week 4 – Pentago Week 5/Championship – Corn Hole Our 2024 champion is Keanu Landolt!

Tornado Damage and Report of Destroyed Real Property

PROPERTY TAX VALUE FOR TORNADO DAMAGE The Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division, in Nebraska, reminds real property owners who have suffered significant damage to their property between January 1 and July 1, 2024, that they can file a Report of Destroyed Real Property (Form 425). This report allows the county board of equalization to

Contributing to a Company Roth 401(k) Account

Does your company give employees the option of contributing to a designated Roth account (DRA)? Roth retirement plan options, such as Roth 401(k)s, are now offered by 88% of employers, according to the latest available statistics from 2022. If your company offers DRAs, you should consider contributing to one, particularly if you expect to pay higher

Key Rules for Home Office Deductions

Do you work from home all or part of the time? If you’re self-employed and meet certain requirements you can write off a portion of your home office expenses, even if you perform work at other locations. The deduction may be based on the actual expenses you’re able to substantiate – or it may be computed

Chart a Tax Course for Business Travel

Are you planning to take a business trip this summer? If your destination is known for its cultural or recreational attractions, you might want to combine some leisure with your business activities. You still may be able to enjoy plenty of tax benefits from the trip – if you stick to a strict tax itinerary. The

Business Ownership 
Withdrawing Cash from Your C Corporation

C corporation owners often need to take cash out of the business to pay personal expenses or to shield excess cash from creditors. Paying dividends is one way to withdraw cash from the business, but it generally has some significant downsides. Fortunately, additional options may be available. Here’s what you need to know. Problems with

H/D Madness Begins for 2024

March in our office means the official start of our H/D Madness competition! For the next five weeks, employees will compete, single elimination bracket style, on Fridays for a chance to win a donation to a charity of their choice. Check out next month’s social media posts and newsletter to find out who the winner

Bask in Tax Breaks for Vacation Home Rentals

Do you own a vacation home in the mountains or near the water where you can enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation? If you rent it to tenants while you and your family aren’t using it, the home can be a valuable source of tax deductions, besides providing personal pleasure. In fact, you might even

Does the Marriage Penalty Still Exist Today?

A couple’s tax situation changes when they get married – for better or worse. Here are the most important things to know if you recently tied the knot or you’re planning to get married later this year. Timing Counts Your marital status as of December 31 determines your tax filing options for the entire year. Even if