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How Newlyweds Can Maximize the Home Sale Gain Exclusion

Whether you’re getting married for the first or fifth time, it’s common for one spouse (or both) to come into the union with homes that they’ve owned for a while. And that premarital home could have amassed a significant capital gain over time. An unmarried person may be able to shelter up to $250,000 of gain

Should You Put Your Vacation Home into an LLC?

If you’re lucky enough to own a vacation home, you might wonder about the optimal ownership structure for the property. For rental real estate properties and real estate held for investment, such as raw land, good choices are single-member and multi-member limited liability companies (LLCs). But the LLC option isn’t always right for vacation homeowners. Here’s

Selling Real Estate on the Installment Basis

Do you own real estate that will produce a big capital gain when you sell it? Fortunately, you may be able to realize significant tax benefits by negotiating an installment sale of the property. However, there are several potential tax traps to avoid. How do you qualify for installment sale reporting? It’s relatively easy. All